faqWhat benefits does Computer Professional Staffing, Inc. offer?

Computer Professional Staffing, Inc. offers the following:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Direct Deposit

Does your company have a referral program?

Computer Professional Staffing, Inc. does pay a referral bonus when an individual is referred to us and is successfully placed with a client.

What pre-employment requirements need to be completed before a consultant can start an assignment?

Computer Professional Staffing, Inc. requires that all consultants complete the following:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Drug Screening
  • Complete Background Check

In some cases, additional technical testing or assessment may be required.

Is it better to submit a detailed resume or an abridged version?

It is always better to submit a fully detailed resume, including descriptions of the scope of work and technology/skills used at each position. For more information and tips on resume writing, please use the link on the resource page.

What is the difference between being an employee (W2) and an independent contractor (1099)?

Computer Professional Staffing, Inc. employs both W2 employees, as well as independent contactors (1099). There are very significant differences between these two tax classifications. To gain a complete understanding of these differences, please use the IRS link on the resource page.